Travel and how to get there

During IMOC 2017 days, a shuttle service will pick up IMOC attendees at Campinas Bus Station ("Rodoviaria de Campinas") and, also, at Viracopos Airport (VCP), in Campinas, and will take them to the Majestic Hotel in Aguas de Lindoia. The time schedule of the shuttle service will be announced on this website closer to the start of the conference.

Please, fill the form for defining the Shuttle Service schedule.

Those arriving from Cumbica Airport, Great São Paulo (GRU), should take a bus from there to Campinas Road Station,

There will be also a daily shuttle service taking the IMOC attendees back to Campinas Bus Station and to Viracopos Airport .

São Paulo — Águas de Lindoia by Rodovia dos Bandeirantes — Campinas

This path, which allows greater speed, is the most used. Take the Bandeirantes Highway to the km 95 and exit right direction Anhanguera highway. After 700 meters, leave the Anhanguera and turn right at exit 103 B D.Pedro sense Highway I. Follow for 10 miles and between the clover sense Mogi Mirim, followed by Highway Gov. Adhemar de Barros Pereira (SP-340). Among the 157 right off the exit and follow the signs to Lindóia and Águas de Lindóia.

Distance: 198 km.

São Paulo — Águas de Lindoia by Fernão Dias

The landscape is very beautiful on this path, with the road curves round the Serra da Mantiqueira passing through small towns quite interesting. Go to the Fernão Dias Bragança Paulista. Please Bragança Paulista follow signs to Pinhalzinho, Monte Alegre do Sul, Serra Negra and Águas de Lindóia.

Distance: 157 km

Rio de Janeiro — Águas de Lindoia by Bragança Paulista

Reached by Pedro I in the city of Jacareí, continuing for Braganca Paulista and Socorro, avoiding passage through São Paulo. The long journey is offset by good service stations and the beautiful landscape of the Serra da Mantiqueira. Highway D.Pedro I.

Distance: 510 km

Road distances

Americana (SP) = 124 km

Araraquara = 212 km

Araras (SP) = 99 km

Atibaia (SP) = 102 km

Bauru (SP) = 293 km

Belo Horizonte (MG) = 506 km

Bragança Paulista (SP) = 75 km

Campinas (SP) = 94 km

Curitiba (PR) = 550 km

Holambra (SP) = 76 km

Itu (SP) = 149 km

Limeira (SP) = 98 km

Moji das Cruzes (SP) = 197 km

Moji-Mirim (SP) = 50 km

Ouro Fino (MG) = 44 km

Pedreira (SP) = 59 km

Piracicaba (SP) = 128 km

Pouso Alegre (MG) = 101 km

Presidente Prudente (SP) = 570 km

Ribeirão Preto (SP) = 232 km

Rio Claro (SP) = 120 km

Rio de Janeiro (RJ) = 462 km

Santos (SP) = 231 km

São Bernardo do Campo (SP) = 180 km

São Carlos = 173 km

São José do Rio Pardo (SP) = 142 km

São José dos Campos = 193 km

São José Rio Preto (SP) = 380 km

São Paulo = 157 km

Sorocaba (SP) = 188 km

Uberaba (MG) = 404 km

Bus companies

Auto Viação Bragança (São Paulo — Águas de Lindoia)

Viação Metrópolis (Campinas — Águas de Lindoia)

Viação Bel Tur (Rio de Janeiro — Monte Sião — Águas de Lindoia)

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