Social Events

Welcome Cocktail

Majestic Hotel, Pentagono Room
19:00 – 21:00 Sunday, August 27
Cocktail is free for all conference attendees.

Conference Dinner

Majestic Hotel, Pentagono Room
21:00 – 23:00 Tuesday, August 29

Featuring a Musical Show with Paulo Freire and Ana Salvagni.

Conference dinner is included for all full-registration attendees.
Invitations can be purchased at the reception desk for students and companions.
Further information will be provided at the reception desk.

Tourist attractions and activities

Águas de Lindoia is best known for its mineral water springs, first discovered by a pair of Italian immigrants, brothers Henrique and Francisco Tozzi, in the 1900s. Accounts of apparently miraculous cures grew, attracting much attention-- rumor has it that even Madame Curie visited the springs to investigate. A town coalesced around the springs, becoming an official city in 1938. These days, the springs remain the primary touristic appeal of the city, although the surrounding area has a growing selection of eco-tourism activities on offer as well.

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